Vauxhall Free* 3 Day Test Drive Programme Terms & Conditions


The Vauxhall 3 Day Test Drive Programme is open to all company car drivers (VAT-registered or VAT-exempt companies only) possessing a valid credit card1 and a current EU driving licence that has been valid for at least one year (endorsements will be considered on an individual basis). Drivers must be 25 years or over to be able to participate in the Programme. Drivers aged 21-25 will be required to obtain authority from their company Fleet Manager in order that the vehicles may be insured under that company's own insurance policy. Alternatively they may provide a copy of their own insurance cover.


A wide selection of Vauxhall models are available to test-drive, but Commercial vehicles are currently excluded from the test drive programme. Although Vauxhall Motors Limited will endeavour to provide Drivers with their preferred choice of model, this may not always be possible. In these circumstances Drivers will be offered an alternative or the opportunity to wait for their preferred model to become available. The test drive programme is restricted to Mainland UK only (Northern Ireland, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and the Scottish Isles are excluded). The 3 Day Test Drive Programme from Vauxhall Motors Limited is a UK-based programme and as such, vehicles must not be taken abroad. Only two test drives per Driver will be allowed during the six months prior to company car acquisition. While every effort will be made to ensure that 3 days are provided for the test drive, this cannot always be guaranteed due to delivery and collection routes and timings. Vauxhall Motors Limited reserves the right to arrange collection of the vehicle prior to this complete period elapsing, if necessary. Programme excludes Vauxhall Employees and Associate Company employees.


A minimum of three working days notice is required for all reservations. Drivers will be required to present their driving licence (in the case of non photocard driving licence, please bring with you some form of photo identification) and credit card1 at the time of delivery of the vehicle to their business address. Vauxhall Motors Limited and its representatives reserve the right to refuse the participation of any Driver on the 3 Day Test Drive Programme if it has cause to believe that any such Driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or is not the person named on the driving licence/credit card2 provided or is otherwise deemed to be unsuitable to take responsibility for the vehicle.

Delivery and Collection:

Delivery and collection will take place between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays. Vehicles will be delivered to the Operator's business address. If Vauxhall Motors Limited are able to effect delivery to the Operator but is prevented from effecting delivery or collecting of the vehicle (where appropriate) from the Operator (due to a failure/fault on the part of the Operator) on the due date and on time, the Operator will be liable to pay to Vauxhall Motors Limited a £150 plus VAT aborted delivery/collection fee. Daily rental charges will also continue to be applied for the period until the vehicle is returned to Vauxhall Motors Limited. These charges will be at the rate of £25 plus VAT per day, depending on model. Vauxhall Motors Limited will make any such charge by means of a deduction from the Driver's credit card account1.


Insurance is provided by Vauxhall Motors Limited1 (own-damage and third-party cover, excluding personal injury claims). Insurance cover explicitly excludes racing, pacemaking, reliability trials, speed testing, off-road use, use while towing a greater number of trailers than is permitted by law or use for hire or reward. Use of the vehicle for any such purpose is strictly prohibited. The Driver is responsible for a £250 plus VAT excess on all claims. Any damage incurred through Driver negligence shall be the responsibility of the Driver, and Vauxhall Motors Limited reserves the right to charge for any such damage, including by means of a deduction from the Driver's credit card account1. Any property carried or left in the vehicle is at the Driver's own risk. Drivers must ensure that any personal belongings are removed from the vehicle at the end of the loan, as Vauxhall Motors Limited will not be held liable for any loss or damage.

Vauxhall Assistance:

Vehicles that are provided through the 3 Day Test Drive Programme are covered by Vauxhall Assistance (its comprehensive breakdown and recovery cover). In the unlikely event of one of the vehicles breaking down, the Driver should contact Vauxhall Customer Assistance on 0800 55 33 88. If the vehicle cannot be driven, Vauxhall Assistance will arrange recovery to a Vauxhall retailer and organise alternative transport; in this instance the Driver will require a full and current EU driving licence and valid credit card in order for the hire vehicle to be arranged. This policy does not cover certain self-induced incidents, such as the use of incorrect fuel, lost/stolen keys or instances where keys have been locked inside the vehicle; in such circumstances a charge may be applied. The Driver should also contact Vauxhall UK Fleet Business Demonstrators to advise them of the problem on 0330 587 8221.

Loss or damage (salvage):

Title and salvage to all vehicles supplied under this programme remain at all times with Vauxhall Motors Limited.


Drivers should take good care of the vehicle and return it in the same condition as when delivered. No accessories or parts are to be removed from or affixed to the vehicle. If any damage is noted upon delivery or collection, please ensure that it is marked clearly on the delivery/collection document. If the weather is unsuitable for an appropriate inspection, please note this on the form. Vauxhall Motors Limited may recharge the Driver for any damage and/or missing items that were not identified on the initial delivery document. No hand held mobile phones or other devices likely to interfere with the driver's concentration are to be used, when driving a loan vehicle. Any such charge will be made by means of a deduction from the Driver's credit card account1.

Fines etc:

While Vauxhall Motors Limited will pay any City Congestion Charge (including but not limited to Central London) incurred on the day of delivery, the Driver1 will be responsible for payment of any subsequent Congestion Charges, including any incurred on the day of collection. Any fixed penalty fines (parking or speeding fines, Congestion Charges) incurred during the test drive are the responsibility of the Driver1. Where any such fine is not paid by the Driver, Vauxhall Motors Limited will pay such fine and the Driver1 will pay Vauxhall Motors Limited the amount of the fine plus an administration fee of £25 plus VAT. The Driver's credit card account number1 is given to Vauxhall Motors Limited by the Driver for the purpose of paying to Vauxhall Motors Limited any fines or administration charges mentioned in the Terms and Conditions, including the cost of any fuel needed to refill the vehicle upon collection. This does not preclude Vauxhall Motors Limited from seeking to recover any such charges by other means. It is acknowledged and accepted that Vauxhall Motors Limited will comply with its legal duties including but not limited to Section 172 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and shall provide information (including the supply of the Driver's name and address) in response to any request from police and other relevant authorities for the purposes of identifying the user of a vehicle at a particular date and time in respect to any alleged speeding/parking fines; penalties and motoring offences and congestion charges.


It is a condition of this programme that, following the loan, the Driver consents to be contacted by telephone or e-mail to enable Vauxhall Motors Limited to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the 3 Day Test Drive Programme (this will involve questions regarding the level of service received, opinion of vehicle etc.)

1. Except where your company has arranged with Vauxhall Motors Limited to cover the insurance and/or reimburse Vauxhall Motors Limited for any fines, damage or other charges incurred by the Driver. Credit card payments will be taken by SMH Fleet Solutions Limited on behalf of Vauxhall Motors Limited.

2. Drivers are required to provide a full, current UK/European Union driving licence together with proof of identity to verify his/her identity to such licence (where such licence is not a photocard licence).

Your e-mail address and telephone number will be added to our marketing database. If you do not wish for this to happen, please notify us by post at Fleet Data Privacy, Chalton House UK1-101-135, Luton Road, Chalton, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU4 9TT

Telephone lines are open Monday-Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm excluding Bank Holidays. Calls may be recorded or monitored for quality and/or training purposes.
* Excludes fuel & lubricants; congestion charges; parking and speeding fines and the £250 insurance excess (if applicable).